Health Insurance

Getting the right health insurance is the most important thing. It is not about the premiums you are paying .  As an insured you need to have the coverage you have based on what medicine you take, the doctors you visit and other needs important for you. As a broker we have the experience for both the individual and group health insurance . We are certified  and licensed to enroll you and your family into New York State Health Insurance Exchange .  Depending on your house hold income and the number of members in the  household you may qualify for free health insurance . We are happy to assist the consumers to have the right insurance for their needs.


Call us

For health insurance  please call us at 646-979-0099. Usually , the information needed for a health insurance quote is  number of family members in the household, income ,  date of birth for each family member and other pieces of information that are necessary by insurance companies. If you apply for a low cost insurance because your income is low , you need provide all the information asked by State Health Marketplace.

How much it could cost you

Every family is different. The number of members in your household and their total income determine if you are getting any tax credits or how much will be your premium besides the type of insurance plan you choose.  Some plans might have a cheaper premium but more deductible. Depending your medical needs you need to choose the one that is right for your family.  For details free user guide that would help you to decide the best option for you please contact us.